Bitcoin price continue to drop below the 280s

Year 2014 probably not the worst year yet for Bitcoin. At the start of 2015 Bitcoin dropped dramatically and now down to the 280s (usd).

One thing to keep in mind is that this might be good, because people will now have a chance to buy some Bitcoin as investment. Not much buyer investors lately due to the price of Bitcoin way too way.

The only news that might have impact the loss of value is the selling of Bitcoin from ESPN sold all of its bitcoin immediately which equate to about half million dollars. Since then Bitcoin dropped to below 290, at the moment in the mid 280s and it’s taking, heading down further in the next few days.

But wait! according to all cryptocoins are down, well maybe that’s because Bitcoin is down so all other coins are going down with it. Well, not with Dogecoin. Dogecoin are in the greens. Dogecoin are going up and up even though all other cryptocoins Bitcoin and Litecoin are in the deep reds and doesn’t look like Bitcoin recover anytime soon based on statistics. The statistical graph of Bitcoin points to Bitcoin trend as up a little bit, then big down, then up a little bit, then big down, and today based on that pattern, Bitcoin dropped to below $300, and at the moment $280.

Are everyone loosing hope with Bitcoin? it seems like it because I’ve mentioned I don’t see any future plan developments to bring Bitcoin to mainstream. Therefore Bitcoin will fail miserably! unless a big savoir, such as a large company like google, microsoft, ebay, and so on adopt bitcoin.