Bitcoin price plunged due to Exchange got hacked?

By now, everyone whom invest in Bitcoin or simply monitor Bitcoin activies woudl probably know about Bitstamp got hacked and loss $5 million worth of Bitcoin, 19,000BTC to be exact.

However the price of Bitcoin already plunged even before the hacking mentioned by Bitstamp.

Here come the conspiracy theory. Did Bitstamp really got hacked? How do we know that Bitstamp did this on purpose to get away with 19,000BTC $5 Million cash? Same thing with MtGOX, how do we know that MtGOX really loss all the Bitcoin? How do we know they’re not stealing the Bitcoin themselves and blamed to the hackers?

Bitcoin is technology, those people into Bitcoin especially the security and development are hackers themselves and they couldn’t stop be hacked? So Bitcoin is not secure as Bank? easier to get hack?