Bitcoin sufferings major crashed to $250 but gaining a little bit

If anyone is monitoring the Bitcoin price, they will notice the Bitcoin value had dropped significantly within a couple of days, a very bad start for Bitcoin year 2015.

According to Bitcoinwisdom the price of bitcoin plunged to $250 based on one exchange. However today Bitcoin gaining some back but still in the $270.

Checking the news on Bitcoin search on google news “bitcoin” there isn’t any bad news, except for Bitstamp appears to have problem with hotwallet API issue rather. Other than that there isn’t any bad news that could cause Bitcoin to crashed as it did in the last couple of days.

Bitcoin price dropped obviously due to more selling than buying. Today Bitcoin in the positive note probably due to some newer investors got in because of the price dropped good for buying. Could also be temporary in the positive side due to buy and sell day trading.