Blogging I think yield better profit than PTC and other online opportunities

Remember this keyword, “online opportunity”, when ever you see those two words together, you might want to think twice before sign up and pay fees to the program to make money. Many many online money making opportunities existed now a day, most of them are copy cat, such as those pay to click sites. The oldest one probably neobux, then later on today there are tons of them exist, I don’t know how the old one neobux survive! but it did and so does the new copy cat websites such as probux, goldenclix and so on. But – that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Today I want to say that blogging probably make more money than pay to click network, even if you spend money on renting click still it’s not as profitable and those pay to click can shut down anytime its want to, there isn’t regulation. However for blogging, such as this site, as you can see I don’t even have quality contents, just merely my own words, comments and opinion, and in addition I don’t even proof read or spelling check and grammar, just a quick blog. The point is I can tell you I get awesome quality traffic and quality click through adsense, got to love it. Pay to click on the other hand, you have to click until your finger go numb and get injured, and you’re being brainwash, not healthy for your brain and sharpness! so it’s better to blog, writing, anything. If you notice Pay to click also appears to be strange, it’s the same network banners advertisers popping up the same over and over again, not much advertisers, I don’t know how they make money. Bad business, by the way don’t use bots, your account most likely will get banned forever. Also if you buy rented referral it’s risky and many people don’t profit much, you spent $500 a month and barely get $520, so you pocket like about $20 a month, that is bad and it’s not getting any better.