Bootleg movies software programs sharing online now a day are all trash

So you found a link to download new movies just got released. Whether it’s DVD or MKV Bluray. You’re so happy, and start downloading them, some are single file, some are multiple files and take times to download. Once you completed download, you double click or try to unzip or unrar RAR it, then found out it’s password protected and there’s a readme file said to go to certain website to get the password! balone! if you this, run away, delete the file or files, it’s useless, don’t go to that website or whatever website they’re telling you to go and do this and do that to install all kind of crap into your computer, crap software such as keylogger, trojans, annoying pops up, advertisements, and so on that will trash your computer making it so slow for you to even click or type, in some cases your computer infected with viruses and malwares, some fake and some real, asking you to pay money to get it fix, yeah sure you think you have the most powerful malware antivirus protection on your computer, it will block it, WRONG!!!!

Anyhow, if you run into this situation, ¬†or you want to download some movies to watch, it’s best to join one forum for files sharing movies and so on, or a couple forum if you wish, register and stick with it, the community or people in there will help each other, they will tell you which movies download link is good and not, and definitely don’t download from spammers or unknown person posting link for you to download. Again, if you see it’s password protected and asking you to go to some website to get the password, immediately delete the file and never download from that person or that places again. Stick with just a couple forum and read, see what other says, although some fake comments feedback too, but can be spot easily if fake by looking at their respond date and time, if you see one after another in the same day or hours then its probably fake! don’t trust that idiot!.