Broadcast yourself on the internet live

How to broadcast yourself to the internet live?, for anyone that have access to the internet by just going to a website they can see you live. It’s very easy to set up.

– Just go to and create an account, and use the wizard to setup your webcam and click on live broadcast and there you go, anyone can see you on the internet.

Leo Laporte used to use stickcam to broadcast his show, but eventually he changed to bitgravity because it has better quality but cost money, it is worth it for Leo Laporte since he has big audience and organized show so call

Anyhow for you, just an amateur or just want to have fun or beginners stickcam might be the best to use. I have used it before, but I used it to broadcast my music 🙂 the audio quality isn’t CD quality, but again, don’t expect too much from free stuff 🙂