Buying Bitcoin mining hardware? watch out for bad reviews sellers

Especially from Bitcoin and Scrypt coin mining hardware. There are some sellers there have terrible reviews and feedback specifically shipping status and duration.

One example is that I ordered and paid for an S1 Bitmain miner on June 11th 2014, which is on a Wednesday, and a couple days later I saw the status said shipped, but I did not see a tracking #, then yesterday I ask for a tracking # but the responded was “you should receive tracking # soon” is this for real? The status said shipped UPS, but no UPS tracking # provided. I don’t know what to think what could happen, are they playing game, where they have the item but mining bitcoin as much as they can before shipping it out to the customer or something? This is terrible, not happy.

So people, please be careful. Trust the reviews and feedback from others about the sellers. I didn’t pay close attention to this seller reviews and feedback. A few of their customers complaint about slow shipping or no shipping status and tracking # at all. I should have read the reviews and feedback.

When it come to mining equipment for SHA256 Bitcoin and Cryptocoin alternative like ASIC scrypt and so on. We need the item ship right away because the item looses value every day, as the difficulty level rise all the time and it’s hard to mine any coins when we don’t have the equipment soon. On top of that, now when I look at the price of this item, it’s $200 cheaper, can you believe that? Yes $200 cheaper than when I purchased it on June 11th 2014. So far the seller on did not respond to my question inquiry yet on the shipping status. This seller smells fishy! hopefully it’s not a scam. This seller also sell audio speakers and so on.

I will have full review and expose this seller on amazon depend on the status over the next few days. So mad now. Stay away from sellers, however if amazon selling it and shipping it from amazon warehouse than you nothing to worry about.