Cannot login to Skype lately no matter what version you download?

Microsoft really done it, they really destroying the Skype users community, we’re loosing faith. Skype was working great! then sold to Microsoft, still works great! until lately, it’s going downhill. Really sucks, whatever Microsoft are doing, it’s not helping.

If you’re using old version of skype, you will get an error message and it kicked you out, sign you out and ask you to download upgrade new version. If you’re using third party software like trillian, forget it, it’s not letting you in. Even if you download newer version for your PC, still you will have problem signing in, let alone using it.

Again if you’re using third party like trillian, who knows if it will ever work again with trillian and third party software. Android? not working either, there isn’t any latest version. Whoever got into skype, they still stayed login, but cannot make complete phone call, it will ring ring ring and disconnect the recipient never see the call. If you sign out, you will never be able to get in again. That’s how it is at the moment, I believe for over 2 days already since August 5th 2014.

Hope Microsoft fixing it, not fixing it by breaking, or fixing it by adding restriction, or fixing it by requiring everyone to pay fees per use, which will sucks big time!.

how to fix skype login problem

how to fix skype login problem