update new news on member’s homepage “Side Effects”

Another news update, but no resolution or commitment or promise being delivered. Just news and updates that just push further back on payments. However this time they set a date, but earlier or previous news update coingeneration also have dates and promise few days but never really delivered, always with reason. Those are facts. People or members from Digital Generation, there are a mixtures of 50% believer and 50% thinks it’s moving to SCAM or becoming one or even already a SCAM since many members have 99 threads and lots of referrals their available balance are up to $10K some maybe at $20K that they cannot withdraw. Those are very big amount. Some even speculate that this is the last update before they will disappear. This last update would pull in more members to purchase since they set date. What if they cannot commit to the date below? chances are they will give reason why and set new update. Below in red are the dates that coingeneration committed to, will they really deliver this time? the answer mostly NO, as this had happened before. Stay tuned!

press release for October 2013
we will have all payment issues rectified by October 15th
Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st
PayPal payouts in November

Side Effects
We would like to clarify the present situation with payments to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Daily withdrawal volume that we are able to support is 30% less than required to make sure everything is great. This is a temporarily problem which we may assure you will be fully resolved as we have all required funding available on our offshore accounts and are almost ready to boost our financial engine back again.
For sure it’s been quite a while since we’ve finished dealing with Payza refunds, however, as you might have noticed, all request we received were resolved. It was against our plans to run into such turnaround but still intend to resume Payza payouts to speed up with payments. DG is currently preparing a press release for October 2013 and we have some fantastic news to share!
New version will allow custom branding modifications to allow individual peer-to-peer networks alike DG to be developed by any user, we believe that the competition in data processing markets is to skyrocket in 2014 with new players coming into this industry. We have nothing against newbies to show up on the block but have decided to secure our market presence from possible unethical actions and consider to follow the strategy aimed towards M&A of other data processors. All necessary steps to provide a turnkey platform for distribution, billing and marketing are being taken now and we’re just about ready to strike!
We kindly request all members to provide us the required timeframe to finalize all arrangements with script update and optimization of cashflow. There will be no similar situation in the future however your patience is needed at this exact moment, we will have all payment issues rectified by October 15th. Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st as we have confirmed a six figure amount to be released by Payza to DG from our outstanding balance and so far consider to provide PayPal payouts in November to all users as well. We hope to see your enthusiasm to promote DG to be pumping once things start to work perfectly well again in the nearest future.

Life doesn’t always give fair chances to all but our destiny is in our hands.

Truly yours,
DG Management