Come on people don’t you realize posting on facebook twitters is working for them?

Still more and more people are posting on facebook and twitters in addition to other social network websites, such as tumblr, pinterest, and so on. Do you realize that you are working for them? How else do they make money? You post something, that something make money for them, how? your friends came in, and then tell their other friends, and others others more friends before you know it the world want to peak, and when they peak or read your post they also read and see advertisements, those tricky looking ads on the sides or somewhere blend in with the post so that you would click by accident most of the time. So there! hope you understand that! and think about regularly updating your twitter or facebook websites.

How about posting it on your own websites? you can still link to facebook and twitter, what you post will get synchronized. Then you can make money, by adding google adsense, chitika, sponsorship and so on, lots of them. Do it! not hard 🙂