Complete system restore or recovery from your brand manufacturer partition

Just want to remind everyone that with newer laptop now a day, you will probably ever going to get the actual DVD disc for installation of the OS such as windows 7 8 etc. instead it is embed in an additional partition where you cannot touch or modified or deleted easily. However it is possible to delete it, normally through fdisk or other disk management software wiping out the partition of those files.

If your computer crashed repeatedly and you cannot even go to restore point then your best bet is to do system recovery or new installation. What most manufacturer normally have is a short cut key such as F11 mostly, pressing F11 when computer start normally would bring you to manufacturer recovery console so you can repair or restore new OS totally.

So don’t be jumping to conclusion and popping in someone else OS windows 7 DVD to do new installation, it will be a waste of time and will probably not work correctly due missing or wrong drivers installed so it’s better to do the recovery from the laptop additional partition purposely there to make your recovery restore with just a few buttons and clicks away. It will be the computer you got the first day, everything brand new, all your old work unfortunately got deleted, so watch out for that, ensure to back up in different storage areas like online and additional hard drive always, not when your computer died.