Couples should go on vacation instead of buying stuff?

I just came across a facebook sharing link, meaning someone from my facebook friends posted or liked a link, although I hate it, but sometime can be useful. As this is one example I think is useful. The link mentioned “15 Reasons Couples Should Go On Vacation Instead of Buying Stuff”¬† Now if you visit that site it will take you through few pages on the 15 reasons, which all make sense but I don’t think it can be applied for all couples. What if the couple don’t have money to spend on vacation going places, but with the money they have they can rent several good videos to watch, that way they don’t have to places.

Also, it’s not easy if a couple have kids. You got to bring the kids with you or take the risk of letting a baby sitter looking after them or taking advantage of your relatives to watch the kids for you while you’re enjoying a vacation just the two of you, I would be worried.