Crypto coins alternative darkcoin?

I’ve been involved with Bitcoin and scrypt coins for a while now, and at least heard about Darkcoin at least once. Not until lately I saw a headline news indicated that Darkcoin been making wave! Basically Bitcoin and Scrypt coins like Dogecoin and LTC been either going down or stabled, while the Darkcoin surpassed other crypto coins popularity.

Darkcoin on the rise, yes. However mining Darkcoin today yield no bigger profit that straight Bitcoin and Scrypt cryptocoins, although Darkcoin on the rise. I noticed that Darkcoin hash is a lot higher than other coins algo. Let say you mine 100kh/s on scrypt, you will be mining 40kh/s on scrypt-n, and 100mh/s on SHA, but with Darkcoin, your hash rate will be at least 3 times of scrypt. So it will be 400kh/s on Darkcoin. Basically different algo.

Darkcoin indicated that it’s totally anonymous, no blockchain tracking its activities, not sure how true that is or how that would work without the blockchain visibility¬†

With Bitcoin not profitable to mine even with the strongest most expensive equipment, the level had reached its peak. So manufacturer had been making ASIC scrypt to mine Scrypt algo which already been shipping, however once KNC Miner Scrypt shipped, the difficulty level in scrypt will sky rocket which the price of those will probably remain the same. But! guess what? scrypt-n a new algo on scrypt will make it next to impossible for ASIC miners to mine, so only feasible with GPU. So that’s good news for GPU.