Cryptocoins miners do you really trust miners manufacturer?

Question I have is, Cryptocoins miners do you really trust miners manufacturer not using your pre-order equipment to mine coins for themselves before shipping it to you? Do you really believe that the ASIC Bitcoin or scrypt coin mining equipment hardware manufacturer really shipping you your pre-order immediately after they assembled it? I’m sure this question has been asked before and there might already many answers and probably already a transparency way that we will know if the manufacturer using the equipment just assembled to mine as many coin as possible before shipping it to you. Or is it just trust?

Well, let take BFL (Butterfly lab) for example. Delay after delays and more delay. Never on time, and I mean never ever on time. Well at least BFL stated that preorder estimate is not accurate and will change. So how do we know they’re telling the truth? how do we know that they really working on it, and not just saying, how do we know that they’re using our equipment to mine cryptocoin not shipping it to us until they sees all the coins already mined and it will worthless for the customer to mine, then they start shipping it. Sure some people may say they can calculate the network hash rate, ok whatever. This goes for other Bitcoin miners and Scrypt miners like KNC, Fasthash, Cointerra, AMT and so on.

The answer is, we don’t know. At least from my perspective, people would just have to trust the manufacturer whom already pocket the pre-order money 6 months in advance, that large amount of money probably went into some kind of investments, who knows, instead of R&D (research and development) for the current and future hardware. who knows. Well at least this is safer than HYIP or online scam investments that people fail to realize it’s a scam and kept on giving free money. Especially that surprisingly still scamming second bath wave of members, already revealed their scam and pocket $500,000 that’s half million, and nothing anyone can do about it, in fact new scam already started by the same owner and it’s