Did this site got hacked or deface or trying to hack?

OK so this is strange, a couple days ago when I logged into my blog, and I noticed there was an update pending, so I click on it real quick since I know it’s legitimate and best to update. So I click click click and it’s updated, then now I found out that it’s not working as I expected to work. Specifically the themes, I thought I had set up for 3 columns theme but somehow I no longer see that theme exist in wordpress theme selection.

I might be crazy but I can’t seem to find and activate that theme. Anyhow, I might have enemies that wants to destroy me because of what I said in this blog. Please! people entitle to their own opinions, if there is something you don’t like, you can either ignore, contact me to re-assess re-post correction, or just talk about it, I won’t bit LOL, no seriously, I’m willing to hear and take action, I will not argue back impetuously, so don’t worry. I would like people to be happy even if it make me unhappy as long as you’re happy.