Do you know that there are various brand name for Polo Ralph Lauren so call fake copy cat?

That’s right, the real Polo is just simply Polo Ralph Lauren, then there are other ones that use that name but with additional letters or wordings or logos. Below are some definition to help you understand to distinguish the two. So, anyhow, the other brand name also have Polo Ralph Lauren is the US Polo Assn or also known as USPA, it is not affiliate with the real Polo, but it is real, it’s not fake, again USPA (US Polo Assn) is not fake it’s real. Just that it’s not the same brand original as the Polo, don’t be ashame wearing it, it does cost cheaper than the original though.

On the other hand there are actual fake Polo Ralph Lauren, those are the one you want to watch out for, not the US Polo USPA.

how to tell real genuine or fake Polo clothing

how to tell real genuine or fake Polo clothing


1. a brand that is officially licensed by the United States Polo Association, the governing body for polo in the United States since 1890. For this reason alone, it is just as, if not more authentic than Polo Ralph Lauren, which was first conceived in 1967.

2. a brand that is not associated with Polo Ralph Lauren, though similar the difference is in the amount of money each may cost. USPA is usually $20-$50 less than Polo Ralph Lauren
1. There is nothing shameful about wearing US Polo Assn. (U.S.P.A.)

2. If Polo Ralph Lauren is your preferred outfitter, then be courteous of the people who choose to wear US Polo Assn. (U.S.P.A.).

3. The most important rule of fashion is to be yourself, whether you wear US Polo Assn. (U.S.P.A.)

or Polo R.L.

Watch these youtube videos from others telling you how to detect real and fake or genuine Polo clothings.

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