Dogecoin a joke? NO it’s real and more reason why we should support Doge

Well the above video showing a dog saved a couple’s life when it senses trouble coming or in this case a car that loss control and slammed onto the sidewalk and kept on going back toward a couple walking with the dog. In this case the dog apparently notice strange activities and look back and signal the the couple to look turned back and saw the car coming.

If you pay attention and give it some thought on the video. What if the dog wasn’t there? will the couple notice? and how quick can the couple get out of the way?

Well it’s almost 2015. Dogecoin crypto currencies like many others are not doing so well, but it’s hanging in there. Hope dogecoin will succeed better than bitcoin. Dog is men’s best friend, women best friend, everyone best friend is dog. Maybe certain types of dog, not all, depend on how the dog was trained. Just like human, how we all got raised up. Although there will be anomalies where even if we got trained by the best, some of us may not be the best, there are room for error and it’s marginal.