Don’t give ebay buyer feedback until buyer gave seller feedback

Many ebay sellers thinks it’s a good idea to not giving the buyer immediate feedback until buyer gives feedback to the seller. Then there are some seller that immediately or automatically gave feedback to buyer after purchases is completed.

The bad thing about giving feedback to buyer immediately after purchase is that, the buyer can be a scammer, or just plainly want to take advantage of getting free products by saying the product is defective a month later. Buyer would take fake pictures or get similar products or broken one and send it back to the seller and saying it’s broken in order to get another one, or get refunded. Sad, if the price of the product is at high price, it will be a loss to the seller, because most if not all of the time, ebay would protect the buyer more than the seller. This had happened too many times and ebay isn’t doing anything much to protect the seller, and ebay is charging a total of ~15-20% fees after your item is sold. The buyer gives negative feedback to the seller, the seller can’t do anything about it other than report to ebay but 99.99% of the time ebay will never take action when seller report buyer. However when buyer report seller, ebay would take action 99.99% of the time. The reason people still selling on ebay is because of the convenient, but the fees are high, and when seller came across a scammer, lots of time will be wasted and the seller will most likely loss.

So, it is better to not giving the buyer feedback until buyer is happy and gave feedback to the seller. Mostly products from China, or Chinese seller would give immediate positive feedback automatically after purchases being made. This is helpful for ebayers whom want to speed up their positive feedback reviews higher and higher fast. However as mentioned earlier, the buyer can give negative feedback for whatever reason, and nothing seller can do to make the buyer revise the negative feedback, even replacement sent next day, refunded 200%, and so on. Once negative feedback given, it’s a done deal, the seller loss, the buyer in this case most likely a scammer will LOL at the seller “nah nah nah, you loss I win, nothing you can do” sadly. So it’s better not to give any feedback to buyer until buyer is happy with the product received and feedback to seller.