Dorney Park the worst ride of all is the Steel Force also have problems getting stuck

The worst ride of all at Dorney Park is the Steel Force roller coaster. This ride always have problem getting stuck. Today was another example, June 13th 2015 this rider so call “Steel Force” got stuck again, and this is not the first time, very very frequent! The only good thing about this is that no one got hurt, but it did get stuck midway somewhere and took one hour or more every time to get it unstuck and imagine there are people especially kids getting stuck up there with the heat wave. Not to mention people are waiting inline long line for the ride and have to wait with no news update what so ever.

Someone really need to look into suing Dorney Park and get ¬†Dorney Park to fix this ride so call “Steel Force” before disaster happen. Do not let fatality happen Dorney Park, fix this ride before you’re in trouble. Your preventive maintenance isn’t working apparently, you need to get it fix bottom line.