Facebook apps on android IOS apple tablet smart phone are so annoying

I have facebook apps on android, and I’m sure same functionality on iphone Apple IOS and other tablet smart phone as well. I’m not sure if it’s developed by facebook folks or outsource contract. What I hate about it is the annoying every other section it ask do you know this person that person, this person did this this person does that, ok I get it, some of you might like it that way, it’s one way to increase your fan or your friends list in thousands, for me I’m one of those people that don’t just share anything and friends to anyone, come on now! Let me ask some questions, do you know those people on your facebook friend list? if you don’t don’t you think they’re spying on you? take your post word against you? I guess not, then good luck to you, one day it will go back to haunt you even though you say nothing you post on facebook is important or can be use against you LOL.

Bottom line, if you use facebook to communicate with real friends and family members, do it, don’t just add anyone to make your facebook friends list looks good, you want thousands of friends for what?, unless you want to spam them with advertisement, in that case I recommend you get fan page instead 🙂