Facebook buying oculus rift $2Billion deal?

I don’t see it’s official that Facebook owned Oculus Rift. Although official news indicated the deal did happened and will conclude in Q2 2014. Well I believe Q2 2014 had passed and I don’t see Oculus Rift belong to Facebook. Maybe it was a $2Billion deal and does not necessary need to be posted on Oculus rift website. Maybe I didn’t see it.

It’s kind of strange of that facebook would acquired Oculus rift, because social media and 3D virtual reality don’t really go together. I’m surprise that many other gaming companies didn’t acquired Oculus Rift, and Facebook did. Oculus Rift to me, it is created for gaming real 3D virtual reality. Why would social media company like facebook bought it, and with $2Billion deal? Yes I do understand that it could be use for future social media applications, but at this time I think gaming companies would benefit more from it than social media. The other reason could be Facebook playing a different game now, acquired a company manufacture future devices that will have a leading edge in technology that other gaming companies would want, and as a result Oculus Rift can be re-sold for $10Billion within a few years, that’s a big profit of $8 Billion.

Below link from Facebook indicate the acquisition. No I didn’t read it in detail, just my own thoughts and opinions on the acquisition what I think both companies are doing. https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10101319050523971