Fixed my S1 fan problem?

A few days ago, I blogged about one of my S1 dead. Power connected, Ethernet connected, fan connected, power on, started mining and within seconds to one minute the whole system shut down. I tried to reboot by turning it back on with power supply on/off switch. Thought the power supply is dead because psu did not turn back on. I removed the power cable to the S1 miner, unplug power cord, turn off switch position on psu, for a few minutes. Turned switch PSU alone and the luckily the PSU started right up.

I hook the PSU back to the miner, but no luck, it does the same, mining for a few seconds then the PSU shut down again. I noticed the fan act funny. The fan on the S1 miner when boot up the fan spin for a brief few seconds and stopped spinning, even when it start mining which heat up the blade but fan still don’t spin. So I by-pass the fan connector to the board by hooking it directly to the PSU 12v wire which will fan it 100% all time. Reboot the S1 miner but still nothing, same thing it does with the fan spin 100%.

So then I realized maybe because this S1 miner no longer like my freq of 393.3 overclocking to get that 200GH/s, so how do I restore the original freq without internet, because with the internet the S1 will automatically start. Simple solution below to restore to default freq.

  1. Power up the S1 and immediately go to your miner IP address and go directly into the System – Startup program and click on Stop cgminer.
  2. SSH to the S1 ip address, login as root
  3. edit the freq file back to 350mhz, save, exit and reboot.

**PS** If you cannot get the miner to stop mining based on step one above. You can try connecting the ethernet cable directly to one of your computer ethernet port, then change your computer IP address to match with miner IP address first three segments #. Example if your miner IP is, then change your computer IP4 ethernet IP to manually all across, then SSH or web browser to your S1 miner. You will not have internet using this method, so no need to worry about the S1 miner will automatically mine temporary.

Voila! now you’re back at 350mhz which will mine at speed of 180gh/s and it’s stable. Works for me 🙂 now I get my 180gh/s back. Loosing 20gh/s though. The fan still don’t work when plug directly to the board, I think the firmware might have play a big role effecting it, I could have restore the firmware also, but this 100% fan direct to the PSU works fine, just have to keep an eye on it though, since I’m not 100% sure it was the overclocking problem, could be something else.

how to fix s1 miner crashed shut down fan problem

how to fix s1 miner crashed shut down fan problem