Gangnam style performed for Barack Obma presidential holiday concert despite anti-american rap song fallout

OK so a few days ago, I wrote a blog about PSY Gangnam style 2002 and 2004 anti-american rap song he wrote to kill american soldiers and their family, kill them slowly kill their daughters children everyone in the family, but still! Gangnam style PSY performed at the presidential holiday concert! what the epp is wrong with this country, or I might be missing something here, could it be the lyrics wasn’t that bad? or is it too late? or is it because of politics money? or what? We may never know 🙂 LOL

So, ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad to cancel the concert, most of us american have a good heart, if someone really admit their mistake and apologized like PSY gangnam style did, we forgive them for it? I would agree with this then, I would forgive but probably cannot forger. Hear this though, if you’re a musician, and you write songs, you would write something based on what you see, hear, witness or by your own judgement, so it’s not easy for anyone to write song especially when it tied to politics, maybe Gangnam style should have been a little bit more careful, take more time to think, hire better editor…

By the way, there are even a Christmas decoration lighting house that sync with Gangnam style music, I hope that house don’t live close people whom hate Gangnam style or know what he said about american soldiers on a rap song.