is awesome with the best hash rate and payout

It’s scary a few months ago, was in the spotlight of hitting 50% or greater on overall pool hash rate, which dominant the whole Bitcoin network hash rate according to stats provided by blockchain. Now a day it’s being ¬†pushes back by other unknown pools, which turns out to be private farm mining operations such as the one from China so call Discus Fish. still remain strong. However sometime BTCGuild does beat time to time, but in a weekly average, have the best payout. When individual mining, to me, I would look for the best hash rate, and best pay out, that’s the bottom line. As other pools shrinks, looses hash rate, cannot keep up, larger pools wins. I’ve been with many pools such as Slush, Btcguild, and more, but today the most profitable one I have to say

I don’t think will dominant ¬†the #1 position in hash rate 50% because so many private farm especially from China private mining farm pushing hash rate of public pool back. What this mean is that as other public pools get smaller, the payout will be smaller, the luck will shrink, and when this happen people jump to other pools and most likely