GLOBAL TERROR ALERT U.S. warns travelers, shuts embassies North Africa

WOW! at last it work? or is it? or will it? You know America have one thing that I value more than any other countries! That is being transparent!, hey we’re going to bomb that place on that day that hour, giving you 1 week advance notice to we can bomb it and kill you all LOL, ok not funny. But – don’t you see it? America just so transparent that we tell the enemies what we’re going to do. Or is it? Snowden case, that traitor now working for the Russian, I believe it’s a different story, whatever Snowden leaked indeed was classified files that he agreed not to share when signing up to work at Government agency, but now a traitor and went over to Russia and leaks more data for the Russian to use against the US. If Snowden is a real American hero, should come back to the country US and will give a fair trial, people are on his side and off course based on evidence whatever conviction convicted he must accept the punishment, but now he just want to stay in Russia traitor to the US leaking more classifieds data and more information to the Russian or the Russian might have good use of him.

On the other hand, what if this is all a trick, transparent, just to get into Russia and became a US spy on Russia? how about that huh?