probably the best place online to buy used mobile devices and tablets

Got a good deal on shop which connected to and I got the HTC EVO for $39.99 in acceptable condition, which is good enough for me.

OK I must admit that I’m a geek. I want to try out new gadgets, and some cases I don’t even need the gadgets. Sometime just to test it out by never use it again. In fact I have an Oculus Rift Development Kit that I purchased many months ago, I used it a couple times, got a headache but wanted to try it again later on when I set up a more powerful computer with awesome graphic card, I think that will help with the graphics.

Anyways, this blog entry is about and the phones or mobile devices that they’re selling that can support their network. Well appears to be Sprint network. is the place where they hook up to get the phone to work. I actually purchased a device today on website. shop actually interface or integrated with because the check out screen took me to and completed the purchased.

I purchased a $39.99 + $5┬átax fee shipping and I should get it in a couple weeks or less. Acceptable condition is fine for me, I don’t need no brand device for testing and experiment. If it work well, I will get another one and will give it to my daughters to play with. The plan probably $10 for each phone, with just few mins talk time, unlimited text, and 100meg data, most of the time they’re home and will be using wifi. Only make emergency call and play off line games.

Is affiliate with SIM is included

Is affiliate with SIM is included