Google had penalized my website blog due to the 3 weeks or so hacked

Look like the hack did a lot of damage. Even though I brought my website up and running after a couple of weeks being hacked.

The hack basically like a defaced website or redirected all traffic to some spam illegal activities websites selling drugs and many others including porn. I didn’t pay attention to my blog for over a week or more and it was too late when I got it up, the damage was already done.

The damage in this was hackers embed redirect link onto my web root folder and redirect all my good traffic to spam websites and google search engine doesn’t like that. Google search engine now flagged my website blog as spam, and it will never crawl my website again, ever!

The good news is that google will give me a chance to fix it. However it’s a very long steps, and I mean very long steps process on getting my website blog crawled again. The steps involved fixing many things, and it will take a lot of time and effort. Look like I will be busy during my spare time to have this fixes.

In addition I went ahead and added extra firewall security to the web server, not sure if that will help much because WordPress blog is an open source application which anyone can have a copy and disect it to find weakness and hack away.

Oh well, look like it’s going to be painful weeks ahead, new learning curve. The good news on this is that I gained new experience and learn new things to keep my mind sharp 🙂