hackers are aiming to hack blockchain.info user’s account for bitcoin watch out

If you’re you’re receiving an email similar to below. Saying that your blockchain.info account required verification, well watch out. It’s a fake SCAM hacking attempt email. Do not click on the link or even test it out or anything to that nature. Simply delete the email and empty it from your email trash folder. If you want to access your blockchain.info account, then simply type it in your web browser address http://blockchain.info directly. I don’t even trust bookmark, because it can be modified by hackers. Better to type in the address domain.

In the case below, if you mouse over to the link, it’s not blockchain.info domain, rather a hackers fake website replicated.¬†http://blockchain.0800co.co.uk/

Account verification required.

Our systems detected unusual activity in your account.
We already blocked outgoing transactions but your account still needs to be verified to prevent any further damage.
Click here to login to your wallet and start the verification process.


blockchain.info account hacked how to secure

blockchain.info account hacked how to secure