Hashprofit is gone and so is your money

As many people have already known, back in late December Hashprofit having problems with its websites and became transparent that their HYIP didn’t last long, and officially gone as of today since late December. This is before Bitcoin price today crashed to $100.

This is no surprise, since the price of Bitcoin just crashed to way below the time when it started rising back in 2013. There will be more business related to Cryptocoins in general, not just Bitcoin, will be closing. Some just disappear without a trace since they’re using anonymous or stolen identity to operate, and these are the ponzi scheme scam if someone really fall for it. Some larger business such as Exchange will give a reason and warning, asking users members to withdraw all their Bitcoin before closing down with specific date.

Hashprofit was among one ponzi scam that I talked about previously that don’t show much sign of straight ponzi scam, but it will be, and it did as we already known. Cointellect have similar business model to hashprofit, so the question is how long can Cointellect survive before they disappear? don’t know, just have to wait and see.

I highly recommend everyone to stop investing into any cryptocoins related investments as business might close suddenly or taking advantage of the crash of Bitcoin to pack up and disappear.