Having trouble setting up multiple GPU more than 3x on your motherboard for cryptocoin mining?

Well friends, you are not alone, a lot of people encountered this problem. Where they have a motherboard that supported multiple GPUs (graphics cards) mostly gaming rigs but use for cryptocoins, bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin mining rigs. There are lot of mixed information on the internet on how to install it probably. Some even purchased expensive powered riser, and some even went to the extreme purchased a customize rise USB adapter for it which cost in the upward $30+ average. Some directions even ask you to create a jumper cable to activate the pcie x1 to enable GPU.

You don’t need all that. The latest AMD Catalyst drivers I believe fixes all that. Let say you were able to install 3 GPUs, then the 4th GPU have the yellow exclamation icon on it, no matter what you did, uninstall, reinstall, scan hardware changes, update drivers and reboot, still don’t work. Well the easy fix is:

  1. The GPU video card that have the yellow exclamation icon, click on it and uninstall the driver.
  2. Download the latest AMD catalyst or video driver for your GPU graphic video card. Extract it and install it, it will through updating all the video cards with latest drivers and fixes any problem
  3. Reboot the computer, done. If you still encounter issue, refer to this reference link below.