Hell Kitchen? what the hell?

What is up with that show Hell Kitchen? Really? Ramsey really? Your show is freaking ridiculous!

OK LOL I’m just kidding bro lighten up Ramsey meany! yes you are! OK that’s a joke also. I got to say your show is unique absolutely the only that is out there people would love to watch and would love to hate your attitude, although it seem like you’re ┬ásmart guy but you’re also an idiot where one day you can get kill easily LOL ok so that’s a joke also.

No I don’t think it’s funny, the killing part that is. Seriously your show should be classified as Porn or Rated-R parental guidance required, I was watching your show last night with my children and they can figure out that you said with all the beeping out word or blurred out words. Yeah yeah! you can tell me don’t watch it, well how about this “F” you, “F” Fox television for showing your show.

OK alright be nice. Overall if my kids are not around I would love to watch your show and rated as nearly to 4 stars out of 5, seems to be realistic, reality, smart-ass, attitude, and off course damn good food honest opinion! damn you! can you just relax a bit there Ramsey, take a deep breath before all the pimple holes filled up on your face again HAAHHHHH! ok I better shut up! Good show, keep it up!

Ramsey the devil Satan's brother in Hell Kitchen

Ramsey the devil Satan’s brother in Hell Kitchen

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