Homeless in America is real and is it their fault or something isn’t working in American for low or no income people?

I just read an article posted on CNN news, and also viewed a few pictures. It is real, homeless is totally real in America, yes we have people that no food no haven. The question is, is it their fault? My guess is that some people might be drug attic, alcoholic, and by choice since they know there is help but don’t want that kind of help, the help is to help them recover from drug attic and alcoholic but they refused to enroll into that program because it take away their freedom to use drug get high and stop drinking, well that’s their fault. And – we got some groups of homeless was temporary homeless due to financial situation and not enough time to get support from the federal government, I’m sure the government will help, but it was the person that didn’t apply for it.

I believe in America there are help everywhere, many churches, community such as the red cross and YMCA and so on, offered help, but then off course no spending money for yourself, you would have to eat and sleep what they have offer and comply to their rules, which are all reasonal rules I’m sure. However some homeless just doesn’t want that, they want to be homeless, they want to make money by standing out on the street, I say the majority are just to get some cash pocket. But then there are some in serious need but very small percentage. You may see sign that say “Homeless please help, do not turn away!” well that’s the marketing strategy.

I’m sure people remember that guy that have a velvet voice on youtube and make a tons of money now, hat was his situation for being homeless? you guess it, yes he was on drug, he drinks and so on, when opportunity approach he took it.