How much does Hard Drive (HDD) cost now a day?

As of today, the cost of 2TB hard disk drive (HDD) is bout $60, brand new, straight price no special discount or promo code or rebates. Brand name hard drive too, not unknown or less known, China Made, generic or anything like that. Seagate for example, Tigerdirect are selling for about $60 for a 2TB.

A while back where I used to do napster, that went down, so I went with Torrent still up today. However for faster speed it’s better to get Newsgroup subscription with high retention. Newsgroup isn’t free if you want super fast speed uncapped.

Do people still download? I think download is the thing of the past, especially for movies. The reason I’m saying this is because look at all the available movies streaming services, some in Free in high quality, why would you want to download? Oh wait, you want to download for future enjoyment? ERRR, look at this way, 20 years ago you have massive of VHS movies collections feel so proud because you spent all those time recording it. 5 years later DVD came out, you let those VHS collecting dust and eventually disappeared. Another 5 years later, DVD are the thing of the past, since content streaming are available everywhere. Now think of 5 years from now, would you need those DVD, downloading movies? what for? for what? when you can stream them in an instant. If you’re thinking about, you don’t have internet, sheesh internet are available everywhere now a day, just like television signal in the past.