How to cool your GPU mining rigs FREE

OK I just thought of an idea and I think it will work. However I have not tried it yet. The idea is to cool your GPU while it’s mining Bitcoin Cryptocoin whatever. Basically cool your computer or even serve as an Air Conditioning. Best of all it’s free. So I did a search and found a video that would show you how to make the device. Basically required a block of ice and I think it will last at least half a day or so and you can always make free ice, just use a small bucket whatever fill it with ice, maybe use a couple, and then repeat the process as the ice melted. The idea is to push the cool air into the computer or GPU constantly. The fan will be powered by solar power with grid tie converter as optional, if you want to power it it 24 hours a day even with no sun light for solar power, another option you can use fan the get power from the wall. The free method not using a drop of electricity would be from solar power. Depend on how many GPU you have or any Bitcoin mining equipment you have, any mining hardware, whether it’s FastHash, BFL, Gridseed whatever, it can cool easily with pvc pipe or flexible tubing. I think it’s more efficient and cost effective than water cool. The only disadvantage is you would need to replace the ice box every half day or so.