How to prevent scam fraud ebay bidding buying your items

I got a good respond from a post I post on Ebay Community on ebayer youriphonespecialist. To prevent such fraud activities bidding on your ebay items, do the following, this sometime deter people from using ebay to do business selling their stuff, but if you do frequent selling, you will know the different between traditional selling items around the house and online selling 🙂

Use the tools eBay gives you. Feedback has never been very effective at helping a seller deciding to cancel a bid.


> Add the deadbeat to your Blocked Bidder List so they can never, ever bid on your listings again.


> Cancel any other bids they have on your auctions.


> Report the nonpaying bidder by opeing an Unpaid Item dispute 4 days after the listing ends and close it 4 days later if they still haven’t paid.


– You get your FVF credited back.

– The buyer can’t leave feedback.

– The buyer can no longer pay for the item, so it’s safe to resell the item.

– The buyer gets a UPI strike.


> Set your Buyer Requirements to include blocking bidders with 2 or more UPI strikes in the last year..