How to tell if a person is pissed off online or doesn’t have a good day whether they’re your friends or family members LOL

I have some online friends that I never met in person, we chat, and appears to be fun fun all the time, but how to tell if the person is real and he or she really happy or pissed off, angry or have a bad day? WITHOUT ASKING THEM DIRECTLY! THAT IS! This is where your analytic skills comes in, LOL, so what you do is look for a trend, you make the same joke or said the same greetings to see what his/her respond is, or you tell a story and see what his/her respond is, when you use smile face, did you get a respond, and so on, there you would determine the mood of the person. For me, this morning I message about my work about people are getting laid off and pushing all the work to me, then the online friend responded “blah blah …” the trend show that when I share something like this to him, he would respond differently, so obviously not a good day LOL, well we cannot get an accurate analysis but the probability are pretty good enough. ┬áIt’s telling you not to chat with that person for a while, before he/she get real pissed, you don’t want to poor more gasoline into a burning fire, so stay away.

Online friends that you never meet, don’t put too much time on trusting the person, you think you know how she/he is, but you don’t, you see pictures of what the person look like but is it really him or her? You talked to the person on the person but can you tell or judge by talking to the person on the phone? so those are questions, so just be careful, although some may say, if it walk like a duck, quack like a duck then it’s a duck? same concept for online friends? Hmm!!