How was your mother day week end?

Don’t check on facebook, it was flooded with mother wishes, pictures and stuff, not a really good place to wish your mother a Happy Mother Day. In fact facebook is getting retarded and stupid, so why do people use it? because it’s easy and sometime addicted but potentially can people in troubled as it already did even made it to the news. People are weird enough to share where they’re at so that their house can get rob because they’re not home especially far away vacation.

Anyhow back to mom’s day, what’s it all about? for us Vietnamese, we don’t celebrate back in Vietnam back then, but now a day, it is being a world holiday, could be good, because it was an American tradition I believe or we might have adopted from another culture. To me, it’s just an ordinary day but if my wife and kids are really into it, they’re the boss, I must comply ┬áLOL