Hydrogen car making a come back to compete in the environmentally friendly car zero emssion

I don’t know about this, it’s like sitting on top of a hydrogen bomb driving around 🙂 Explosive as it may sounds , but Hydrogen vehicle might back to compete with the ever changing market of making the most efficient environment friendly automobile. I don’t get it, Hydrogen engine produces zero emission, we started years ago to build a few, and Arnold got one, and it’s a hummveeeeee too. Well, there’s a nasty five letters word that is causing the issue, “MONEY”, it’s not cheap to manufacture hydrogen vehicle. However like everything else, in economics, demand drives down the cost. I think there are still room for another different type of automobile engine for the market. Come on now Elon Musk, you criticize Hydrogen as dangerous! but look at your Tesla, completely engulf in fire, although your car have highest rating in safety, not anymore, your battery compartment is too low to the ground and also electricity can get shorted can cause fire, yeah sure the many fuses will prevent it.