I have very short fingers what does it mean? Einstein had very short fingers too

Reference from the bible of history:HANDS IN SCRIPTURE

Einstein had very short fingers. His fingers were normal thickness and certainly not thin. And he had the characteristics of people with sort fingers. He did not do well in school. He flunked algebra. He was a slow learner. He did not understand quickly. He had problems remembering. He used a check for a book marker, and then lost the book. However, his little finger on his left hand was exceptionally long. The little finger signifies the self and includes intellect, analytical ability, and talent for science. Einstein was a genius in the field of theoretical physics. The lines on his palm also extended into the feminine mount, which indicate right lobe thinking and intuition.2

Short fingers have traits like the first phalange. They are characterized by a length that is near the palm, which corresponds to the first phalange. Therefore, short fingers represent people whose thought processes are strongly controlled by their personal values. A person with short, fat fingers would be interested in satisfying the desires of the body, e.g. immediate physical and materialistic desires. Such people may be practical. However, the short fingers also give rise to subjectivity, since the body has no brains. The subjectivity may be expressed as prejudice on the bad side, or creativity, critical insight, and creative analysis or extrapolation of the meaning of acquired data on the good side.

OK, so I was curious about this, since I noticed my fingers are very short and stiff, then I got flashback of some palmistry people said something about person with short and long fingers and other different characteristics that could say something about that person.

short finger palmmistry

short finger palmmistry

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