I’m getting my 1st S2 Bitamain Bitcoin miner today

UPS will be delivering my 1st S2 Bitcoin miner from Bitmain. The price had been reduced lately to super low, as low as $1500 for a used one on ebay and amazon, even lower on forums and craigslist.

I have many of the S1 model of Bitmain also, but those S1 uses a lot of power and can only mine at 200gh/s each, and 1000watts PSU can handle 2 S1 total of 400gh/s while the S1 also uses 1000watts but can mine at 1TH/s which is more than twice the speed of the S1. The S2 however cost a bit more, we’re looking at S2 $1800 average, and S1 $260, so in order for S1 to get to 1TH/s would be a multiple of 5, so 5×260=$1300, but the S1 cost $1800 1th/s, so buying the s1 will save $500, so I guess it doesn’t matter which one you’re getting, just depend on spending power.