IPUServices.com update: Beta 1.1 Release is coming shortly

Are you kidding me? it it’s not misleading enough previously with the forum up and running. Previously Beta Version 1.2 was released, people download, and tested it, and then the download was taken offline. The strange thing was the file downloaded said version 1.2 file name, but after installing it, the version still 1.0 Beta. Now today they said Beta 1.1 Interesting!

The forum is still taken offline with message saying “Forum Off for Cleanup & Maintainance….Will be Back soon” for over two weeks already. It’s pretty obvious on the reason they took it offline was due to because people are stating the facts, and IPUServices.com could handle facts or truth so they shut down the forum. The last email sent by IPUSerives.com were weeks ago, nothing lately. Yes they lied about not having enough support to Beta release that one week, yes they lied about on time on schedule, yes the owner is very rude appears to have no experience running a business, the software doesn’t do anything beside running some logic retrieve data from your computer.

So how do they make money? simple: their marketing strategy was to get as many people as they can to buy division and regional account, they make big money with it, and probably now spent all that money on some HYIP program and hope that those HYIP program paid and so they will continue to operate IPUservices.com, if they fail and looses the money, they will simply hide run away no one will know where they are or can anything about it, except for paypal users can dispute and maybe payza also can dispute, other people paying with other methods such as Bitcoin, you’re a fool, your money is gone. However these are just pure speculation based on the current status. Hope that this is not the case. Will see in month of October.