IRC mIRC chat room are still pretty much famous for getting quick answers to any questions you have

Most people probably still remembers the good old days chat room. From BBBS, dial up modem, to AOL chat, then eventually we had that IRC chat room, then with a bunch of others like ICQ, Paltalk, and so on. Well guess what? IRC still exist and pretty strong.

The most famous public chat room IRC server probably is just like the good old days It’s still public and still free, with many relay servers all over the world to keep it up and running. However file sharing probably shrunk or disappeared.

Whether you have questions about kids, math, electronics, how to, and so on, there are chat room in there that you can quickly ask a question and someone will answer. But! remember this very important. Whatever answer you received, take it into consideration before believing in it, taken it seriously or perform the tasks being recommended suggested. It could harm you. Just be smart.

So instead of hopping on forums, google search and youtube, you might be better off in IRC chat room. 🙂