Is it worth it to do your own car oil change?

Quick answer is yes, I think it’s definitely worth it to do your own car oil change, although keep in mind that we don’t need to oil change as much as recommended a long time ago, where it is recommended every 3 thousand miles or 3 months, but now it’s over 4 thousand miles and 6 months as much. As new car engine being made we don’t need to do oil change as much as before, so don’t ever do it check with owner manual and second opinion.

For me, I got a big discount at Advance auto parts, there was a sale for 5w-50 oil and filter FREE after rebate, it fit my 2 cars perfectly, so I got it and got rebate, so basically it was free. I just did oil change on it, but man, I don’t know how others did it without getting dirty and getting no scratch mark on their hand, they’re good I guess. After I did the oil change on the 2005 Nissan Quest and 2010 Nissan Frontier I smell like oil, and oil spilled all over the garage floor, clean it up though easy with paper towel. I opened the filter using a specific wrench for oil filter, and hand tighten it as I don’t think there’s a need to wench tighten it, don’t over tighten the oil plug screw, just enough feeling that it’s secured. Some car use 4 quarts I think, I just fill up the whole bottle of 5 quarts those big jug, I don’t it hurt much just a quart overfill than recommended.

If you go elsewhere to do oil change for your car, watch out for, “you need new spark plug, new wiper blade, replace the muffler” and so on, that’s why those auto shop offer free oil change or super cheap $20 or $9.99 oil change, it’s for them to find other problems with your car and fix it you’ll be ending up paying hundreds if not thousands for needless repair replacements. So don’t fall for it, they’re hungry for money and they make money by raising issue with your car so they can make commission after it’s being repaired.

save money do your own oil change free after rebate oil filters

save money do your own oil change free after rebate oil filters

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