Is life getting more complicated as you’re growing older and older?

Questions like this are very interesting, and I think it is true, the answer is yes. Think back when you’re a kid, have nothing to worry about, all you do is play and eat and poop, then a little older eat play go to school have fun here and there, then off to college have more fun. Typical life for people, as we’re in high school, things start to get a bit complicated, at age 18 some parents would like their children to move out or the decision is up the 18 years old, where will we go what will we do will we survive college at age 18, and on top of that relationship girl friend and boy friend, hopefully it doesn’t screwed up any plan, and the obvious everyone has, stress!

So we survived college, got a degree, then start looking for a job, paying off tuition, buy a house, getting married, then as we move on, we worried about life, are we healthy, will we have that good paying job forever, will there be any accident that would cause us to become disable, what if we have children and cannot afford to take care of them and so on.

Let me tell you this! YOU WORRY TOO MUCH! you’re the one who’s making life complicated. I have seen people live with their parents til they died and appears to be the happiness people on earth. I’ve seen people live alone and the happiness people on earth, and I’ve seen people work and play video game appears to be happiness people on earth. So, it’s you who’s making yourself life more complicated and off course interesting and more exciting at the same time 🙂 LOL The decision is you, up to you and it’s all you.