Is using it’s bandwidth to broadcast your live videos?

I’ve been searching for answer, does relay your live cam videos using its bandwidth or is it just another directory for live web cam broadcasting yourself using your own bandwidth? I can’t seem to find a direct answer using google search engine, read many forums and search on stickam FAQ, but no luck.

However I did come across someone said that stickam broadcast your video the only bandwidth you’re loosing is you broadcasting it to stickam, I can’t seem to confirm this. It would be so awesome if stickam indeed broadcasting your live cam videos feeds, the only bandwidth impacting you is just from you to stickam. I don’t mind the commercial or advertisement at the beginning when someone go to your live cam, as long as it really free bandwidth from stickam.

So I asked the question to Stickam support. Still waiting for answer:

Stay tune 🙂