It is possible to intercept usps package delivery just like UPS FEDEX and other carriers

Just in case anyone is wondering if you shipped a package and something changes such as address or wrong address or recipient change their mind when selling on ebay, you can reroute while the package is enroute or intransit, yes you can with USPS, but restricted to shipments that have tracking # or barcode scanning.

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Subject: USPS Package Intercept: How to reroute your customer shipments

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how to intercept usps package reroute to new shipping address or send back to sender

how to intercept usps package reroute to new shipping address or send back to sender

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Packages can reroute even when en route.

Redirect packages with USPS® Package Intercept® service.* Send the shipment to a new destination, even if it has already left.


Uses of Package Intercept.

Addressing errors, buyer improprieties, buyer’s remorse – if you need a shipment rerouted, Package Intercept lets you send to an alternate address, redirect to sender, or redirect to a Post Office™ for Hold For Pickup. Learn more.

What qualifies. How it works.

Package Intercept is available for letters, flats, and packages with tracking barcodes. (Standard Mail® and periodicals don’t qualify.) Shipments are redirected using Priority Mail® service. Individual and bulk file requests are accepted. When requesting online, you can buy insurance, value-added services, or other extra services. Get started.

Pricing overview.

Prices include: Package Intercept fee, postage for redirected parcel, and costs for any extra services. The Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) is the accepted postage payment method.
Try Package Intercept.

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*USPS does not guarantee the interception of a mailpiece.

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