It’s not easy to make your youtube video go viral

What does it mean your video go viral anyways? To me, if you have  video that everyone find it interesting whether it’s sucks or just incredibly funny, it will be posted and share on many social network site and to many people. And if you put advertisement on your video, chances are you will make a good amount of money on it.

However it is not that easy to make your video go viral, you can have the most funniest video but no ones sees it, or just a few people click and view and like it because it funny, but they don’t share or show to anyone. So if you really have a funny video and it’s original belong to you, you can spend a little bit of money which you can get back in a short period of time, it is worth it. You can spend as little as $7 on facebook to promote your video, meaning that video will shows up on your friend facebook page as promotion not post basically it’s not posted on their facebook page but shows up when they view at that time. You can use adwords, you can post on other forums under appropriate categories so that you don’t get banned. You can share on twitter and a bunch of other sites. I would stay away from email though, I don’t think that’s a good idea 🙂

Now ignore all the negative comments and feedback on your video, I know that some comments might hurt your feeling or upset you, but it’s not worth it to spend a large amount of time reading and responding to the comments, simply ignore it, let the communities of peoples fight each other in there 🙂

Like this sample video I post on youtube as an experiment and so far I don’t have much hits at all, but not given up yet, although it’s not the funniest or best video, but I think it will go somewhere 🙂