Jack Ma and Bitcoin

To me, Jack Ma is like the American Rockefeller and Henry Ford. Except Jack Ma is from China, and as of this day January 2015, he is the richest man in China. Around the world who’s the richest? well you might surprise, one thing is that person is not from the USA. 🙂

Jack Ma owner of Alibaba, and in China Bitcoin are not being accepted, it was actually banned in 2014 or so, or maybe it was never legal, just that China didn’t say anything about it until it was banned.

Alibaba as a large legal operation company operates under compliance and so far they’re stay away from Bitcoin at this time. However in the future that may change. I strong believe as many others that Jack Ma Alibaba will adopt and accept Bitcoin. Alibaba can accept Bitcoin today if they want to, I don’t see why not, or cannot, just go through a big exchange and having that exchange responsible for the transactions into cash. Just that perhaps Alibaba cannot hold on to the Bitcoin, or have Bitcoin possession, but surely they can have cash. By accepting Bitcoin convert it to cash at the end of the day.

Bitcoin will be back in the $1000 in 3 years? off course! no doubt, or even higher. Sure Bitcoin caused problems but if look back in history, any new technology will always encounter issue, eventually it will get fix and back to mainstream.