Just paid $1276 for a 60 GH/s BFL Bitcoin miner in ebay and I have an uneasy feeling about this purchase could be fraud

First of all. BFL products are being shipped. The 5 GH/s jalapeno or whatever make no money for anyone whom get it today. The 30 GH/s also not much money a few bucks a month. The 60 GH/s you might be able to make a little bit of money like couple hundreds dollars a month. All these based on if you indeed have the Bitcoin miner in your hand today, right now, with the level of the difficulty rising as more and more KNCminer and BFL and Avalon being shipped.

Back to the ebay story. So last night I bid for a few Bitcoin miner BFL 60 GH/s Single is the name I believe, could also be Little Single as they call. I didn’t win any of them because I set my price at $1275 or so. That was night. Then all of a sudden this morning I got an email from one of the seller said that, the winner haven’t paid yet and probably not going to pay anytime soon, and seller asked me if I want it, seller will sell it to me for $1250. Seller asked me for my paypal ID. I told seller to create a second chance offer to me and the invoice will automatically created and sent to me. Indeed I received the second chance offers and I paid for the item without hesitation because I’m following ebay rules for BUYER PROTECTION. By the way I was paying the invoice price of $1276 instead of the seller offer $1250 which is $26 cheaper but I feel I must follow ebay rules in order to get protection.

After I paid for the seller immediately provided me tracking #, saying that he/she heading to post office now to ship the merchandise, but the weird thing is that, seller provided me the tracking # before he/she even sent me message that he/she heading to the post office to ship it. Very strange.

As I grew skeptical about this seller, something does add up. So I did more research. The seller appear to have recently changed his/her ebay ID from to below date.

ebay ID changed indication icon and showing previous ebay ID and new ebay ID with dates

ebay ID changed indication icon and showing previous ebay ID and new ebay ID with dates

Then I also noticed the seller account is kind of new, created back in March 2011 and today is October 2013, so about 2 years or more. The seller have one negative feedback few months, doesn’t look like big deal. I noticed latest feedback tied to Bitcoin activities selling, and it’s positive.

ebay seller changed ebay ID and strange activities

ebay seller changed ebay ID and strange activities

I noticed also the seller location is in San Jose, CA.

ebay seller location doesn't match actual shipping from location

ebay seller location doesn’t match actual shipping from location

Basically, at the end of the day, I found out the tracking # provided to me was shipped from North Carolina instead of the seller location San Jose, CA. https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabels1=9410809699937012658833 I almost send an email to the seller to see what’s going on but I say give it a little of time because the package according to USPS will get delivered here on 10/23 which is Wednesday in 2 days, and let’s hope it’s an actual 60 GH/s Bitcoin miner from BFL, and not an empty box or rocks inside or broken one. I have ran into this trick before, and hope this is not! Please, I really need to mine Bitcoin with that 60 GH/s equipment.

I will keep everyone updated on Wednesday to let you know what I actually receive. I will film it when opening the package just in case.