Latest interesting article on Bitcoin analysis

I came across this article:

Everyone knows that the fall in oil prices gutted Russia’s ruble, which lost more than half of its value in 2014. But Bitcoin fared even worse, falling 76 percent. And unlike the ruble, which Moscow can rescue through manipulating interest rates and instituting capital controls, Bitcoin’s lack of a central bank means there’s nothing to stop it from sliding even further.

The paragraph above makes sense? well kind of. To me, I don’t think Bitcoin is 100% not traceable. I believe that if you research hard enough eventually you can trace it. People with data mining experience can probably do this, but so far I don’t if blockchain have track the IP address of the Bitcoin transaction, if it does, then mostly it’s traceable faster. If no IP, still possible but would required data mining connecting one Bitcoin address to another. However most of the methods mentioned would require permission, such as asking the to provide detail of the Bitcoin transactions, but still I don’t know possible.

In regard to decentralize currency nobody can save it, whether it’s going up or down. Bitcoin for example can go down to $0 and nobody can save it, but chances are it will not be at $0. It can go up to $10,000 and no one can stop it. It is up to the community of Bitcoin users, it is decentralized, it is not being controlled by anyone or group or agencies, it is by the Bitcoin users communities. Well with that said, a multi millionaire investors can briefly distrupt Bitcoin value for a brief moment only.

As we’ve already seen, Hackers stole 19 thousand Bitcoin from Bitstamp, decided to sell it little by little, the price of Bitcoin crashed, then people and investors panic and start selling also, causing Bitcoin price to crashed even harder, then eventually selling stop and the price stabilized, but at a very low price, it will takes time for investors to jump back in again, and hope they don’t sell. The price will go up again.